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We are a growing website design agency, and specialise in supporting individuals and small businesses with logo creation and website development. We offer a personal service based on carefully listening to your requirements. We aim to design and create a stylish, intuitive and responsive website for you or your business. Our goals are aligned to your timescales and needs, so we will get you online fast, so you can start the process of promoting yourself or your business quickly. We have been desiging websites for over twenty years.

Our services are designed to be cost effective because we understand budgets can be tight for new start-ups/individuals at the beginning of a venture. We do not compromise on great design, and work to create something unique and specific for your needs.

We have undertaken a variety of projects covering logo design, personal websites and business sites such as: local gardening services, legal services, e-commerce and membership organisations. This has allowed us to develop the right approach for working with clients across all sectors.

How we work : Website Design

We believe that starting with the end in mind is a key cornerstone of our approach to your project. Hence why we follow a structured approach to developing your website, to ensure that it meets all your needs, both current and future. A typical engagement approach is as follows:


  1. Submit the contact form which asks for some standard information for your project
  2. We will review this and come back to with any further questions
  3. Once we have clarity on your exact requirements, we will send you a quote and timescales for the work
  4. Once you decide to move forward with us, we will create a prototype of the site for you to review and provide feedback on so we can see what the end product will look like quickly
  5. Once you are happy with the prototype, we will create the site
  6. We will then arrange a walk-through of the features, functions and capabilities of the site and undertake any final changes
  7. If you are happy with the work we will ask you to submit a short testimonial

How we work : Logo Design


Our approach for designing your logo has also been based on how we have successfully worked with clients in the past. For logo design we follow an approach that ensures you project the right image and brand value for you or your organisation. Our standard approach is :


  1. Using our contact from we ask you briefly describe your business and what your logo will be used for e.g., websites, business cards, merchandise email marketing, packaging etc
  2. During this stage we will also ask you to give a view on the look & feel, sentiment and emotion you are trying to generate for your brand
  3. Once we have reviewed this information, we will set up a short call to clarify the brief
  4. Once you are happy to proceed, we will then send you a quick mock-up of a number of logos that we think meet your requirements for you to choose from
  5. We will then ask for final feedback on the logo selected. With the feedback we will create the final logo in the format (s) requested and send across to you
  6. If you are happy with the work we will ask you to submit a short testimonial


Our Services

We offer a comprehensive set of services…


We build websites for both individuals and businesses, with the aim of getting you noticed online. We have the experience to create websites not only look professional and engaging, but also rank well in Google. We use all the latest techniques and tools to ensure you achieve the best result. Our websites are designed to work exceptionally well across all devices (responsive) as we understand that more than 70% of online traffic currently comes through on mobile devices.

Simple web design from £200. 


Your logo is part of how your overall brand comes across to potential customers or the individuals that engage with you and your organisation. Our approach to logo design in not “one size fits all”, so we give you an number of creative options that’s help to amplify the look and feel of your brand. Our aim is to get interested in your brand, and an engaging logo is a part of that process.

Fixed price of £99 per logo which includes 3-5 test options to choose from.



  • We listen and respond to what you need quickly
  • Our team is trustworthy, hardworking and professional

Fast Delivery

  • We take pride in our work, and have unwavering attention to detail
  • We offer a personalised service to deliver something unique for our clients

Cost Effective

  • We are transparent in how we work, so you are always kept up to date on your project
  • We are cost effective because we understand how new ventures work

"Happy with getting my site designed

What a great job and they were very professional and quick to deliver after a thorough review of the aims and objectives. Will recommend Craigton.

"Highly skilled and efficient professionals"

“The Craigton web team took a thorough look at our needs before creating a superb site for us. They are skilled and highly professional. We are very happy with both the site and the logo. We would recommend them for all your web needs.”

"Very happy Customers"

“We had a complete web design done – ready for the next iteration of our business, thank you to your team for the great design but at a cost effective level for a start-up.”

Really pleased with the results

Jonathan has just finished my first proper website. I’m a dog trainer, and don’t do computers. Really pleased with the results. Gave him my feeble efforts at advertising, and he pieced it all together, and then updated all my info into 1 place. Amazing job. People always say they can’t find me on the net, but hopefully this will resolve the problem. Thanks so much.

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